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Dr. Kimberley Carder

Clinical Psychologist developing the mental health landscape through therapy and outreach.

She is based in Hong Kong and currently available for consultation.

Having grown up in Hong Kong, I have developed a unique clinical perspective on the mental health challenges people in our city face across different stages of life. I have witnessed the changes and growing awareness of mental health our collective culture has taken. In response, I have developed a progressive and modern therapeutic approach.


I specialize in supporting young people, millenials and families in developing an emotional vocabulary to aid them through developmental and life challenges. I take a whole system and solution-oriented approach to mental health and relationships.


My background and training in competitive sports, as well as my research in sensory deprivation, set the foundation for a deep therapeutic appreciation of the mind-body connection. I integrate a holistic approach, connecting the individuality of the person I work with work to their relationship with themselves, movement and their community, in order to create lasting change.

My Education

B.A., Psychology

University of Southern California


M.A, PsyD., Clinical Psychology

Alliant International University

2015 – 2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.41.59 PM.png

“Challenging yourself physically is a great way to see what you are capable of mentally,” 

Dr. Kimberley Carder for South China Morning Post

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What is therapy?

A safe confidential environment with a professional.

A process by which you get better at feeling.

A mutual alliance of discovery, self-actualization and recovery.

What is not therapy?

A place where you get told what to do.

A process by which you always feel better.

Where "crazy" people go to get help.

Do you or your child need therapy?

Starting the conversation can be the most difficult part.

Reach out to learn how to start that conversation with a loved one, or to find out what the next best step for yourself is. 

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