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Therapy looks a little bit different for everyone because when it comes to mental health you cannot have a “one-size-fits-all approach”
What to expect?

 The treatment process


Individual Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a powerful tool for creating insight in a safe, confidential and caring environment. Understanding where our thoughts and behavioural patterns come from is much easier said than done. Individual therapy provides the environment to address your needs. Sometimes anxiety, depression and stress have been in the driver’s seat of your functioning for too long that they are managing us instead of us managing them.

Treatment for:

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Adjustment through change

- Mood discomfort

- Chronic stress and burnout

- Relationship hurdles

- Past trauma


Talk Therapy

The teenage years can be tough on both the teen experiencing huge amounts of hormonal and social differences, as well as the family navigating this new chapter of development. Growing up in Hong Kong can be a highly stressful place with academic and social pressures unique to the city. Having a therapeutic alliance to support teens through changing social dynamics and their internal understanding as their identity develops can be the support they need to thrive. When appropriate, family and siblings sessions are also a part of the process.

Treatment for:

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Stress

 -Family Adjustment

- Friendship Challenges

- Self-harm


Family Therapy*

Home is where the heart is. So when there is tension at home it has an effect on everyone’s wellbeing. At times, it can feel like one family member is responsible for the chaos felt by the entire family unit. Irrespective of causality, solution occurs when the family unit cohesively works together towards strategic goals.


Family sessions allow each family member to be a part of the understanding, insight and narrative created in therapy.


Dr. Carder has a wealth of experience working with families going through divorce, adapting to change and with special needs families. Her fundamental belief is healing happens at home and all family members are a part of the solution.

Treatment for:

- Damaged relationships

- Divorce adjustment

- Migration adjustment

- Sibling rivalry

- Special-needs integration

*Sessions are 90 minutes

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