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Public Appearances

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Community Work

Connecting with Schools

With a professional ethos of prevention over cure, speaking to the next generation on all aspects of mental health is a priority. From early intervention to preventative health measures and treatment there is no...

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Women's Five

Dr. Carder is an ambassador and supports the all-women’s 5 & 10 km races by providing the mindfulness and mental health programme of the 5-week wellness journey in preparation for the events. ​

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Guest Speaker

2017 Mental Health Conference

Dr. Carder was a speaker at the 2017 Mental Health Conference presenting the effects of physical exercise on mental health and the complexities Hong Kong faces in combating the mental health stigma.

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Guest Speaker

Float Conference, USA

Dr. Carder’s research on the cognition behind the lived experience of sensory deprivation was selected for presentation in 2018.

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Research Work

Float On Hong Kong

Dr. Carder undertakes research and works closely with Hong Kong’s float centre, Float On. Floating and psychotherapy offer a unique clinical opportunity for reflection, insight and clarity.

Featured In

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Newspaper and Print Media


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Adventure therapy: how nature is good for mental health and a challenge can help us see ourselves in a new light

Liv Magazine

ZM: Explain what a "child-centred parenting approach" is, and what behaviour management strategies you work on with parents?

Podcasts & Radio

Trust the Podcast (Spotify)

#004 - Mental Health, Depression, & Gratitude with Dr. Kim Carder


Mental Health and Families in Hong Kong


Understanding the Mindfulness Movement

Rolling Forward (Spotify)

Mental Health, Treatment and Float Tank Research

RTHK SPORTSFIX with Ben Cullen (Spotify)


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